McIntosh United Methodist Church

Prayers list for Sunday October 14th, 2018

The Bazemore Family, Jeffrey Volling, The Angell & Jones families, Marsha & Jimmy Strange, Pat Clark & Family, Shawn Henderson, The Duane Jones Family, Barbara Lawrence, Karl Hart, Bill Boulware, Toni Jones, Bev Smith, Ginny Williams, The Curt Oxford Family, Virginia Hatchett, Dany and Mickey Rosser, Jean Willis, Dorothy Byran, Pat Clark, Sylvia Herrin, Jim O’Quinn, Maury Collett, Rick Sosdorf, Morris Mixon, AJ Glessing, Jack Glessing, Cathy Aguirre, our soldiers: Mary Gahan, Robert Glessing, Jeffrey Volling, John Sherouse, Brock Berry, our police officers: Tracy Bazemore, Bryan Jones, our firefighters, elected officials and missionaries.

Posted in Prayer List on October 14, 2018.